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2002-01-02 - 7:14 p.m.
DAMN FUCKING HELL!! I wont be able to write for a few days cuz my dad is taking the computer to get the CD Burner installed. He said it could take a few days :(

I saw Not Another Teen Movie today. It was really funny! Theres this really hot guy in it!

I'm kinda depressed today. I was handing out resumes and i went to the bookstore to put one in there. Anyway, I was waiting patiently to talk to the guy at the counter cuz he was talking to this guy.

So anyway, the guy he was talking to, turned around and looked at me and said "what the hell does she want?" OMG! I was really stunned, and all I could say was "sorry"

Then he was like, "Don't mind me, I have alot on my mind" I can't believe how rude that asshole was to me! And I was waiting patiently! I'm still upset over the incident!

When I got home I told my mom what happened and she was like, "if it were me, I would have given him a dirty look and told him to fuck off." LMAO! GOtta go! Dad is taking the comp! WRite back in 2 days!

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