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2001-12-27 - 10:26 a.m.

Yesterday we went to my grandmas house! I had so much fun! My grandma gave me a card with $50 in it for Christmas and a pack of scratch tickets!!!! My aunt got me 4 STEPHEN KING BOOKS!!!!!! I won $6 on the scratch tickets! Yaaaay!!

Anyway, last night I went to bingo with my mom, my aunt and my grandma!!! It was so fun!!!! MY AUNT WON $1000!!!!!! We all split it though! So we got $250 each!!!!!!!1 AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

This morning we went to Walmart, and I used my gift certificate to buy 2 games for the Playstation! My mom and dad bought a DVD Player!! Yaaay! And guess what? My brother bought one too! lmao! So we have 2 now!!

We also went out for breakfast to The Galaxy Diner! Its this really awesome place that has a 50's theme! So they have like stuff from the 50's on the walls and they play 50's music! I had bacon and eggs for breakfast!

THEN after that, we went to the Georgian Mall, and I used my gift certificate for there to buy 2 Aerosmith CDs!!!!! Yaaaay!!

I'm not sure whether or not we're going to see Lord of the Rings today or tomorrow. But I probably wont go. I've made plans with Karen. We were supposed to go to the movies today. But I think I'll call her later and make it for tomorrow.

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