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2001-12-20 - 5:38 p.m.
Well, there WAS school today! We didn't get ANY big snowfall. That big snowfall we're supposed to get is apparently going to start tonight. It was snowing earlier. Co-op was really boring! All I did was pack some of the Christmas books away. In Law we continued watching Sleepers. Tomorrow is the LAST day of school! Well not for me, because I decided not to go. As of 2:35 today my Christmas vacation has officially started. Besides we don't DO anything on the last day anyway! Christmas assembly in the cafe during the morning.

I am SO excited Christmas is almost here! Maybe if I don't think about it I wont be excited! YEAH RIGHT!!

Kris and Carolyn went to see Lord of the Rings last night! They said it was the BEST movie they've ever seen!! Ahh! Also, Survivor is on tonight!! I hope Frank gets kicked off!

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