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2001-12-10 - 9:49 a.m.
holy fffuuuuuuuuu! lol! Today was the job fair for co-op! I was nervous, because I saw everyone elses projects and mine looked like shit compared to all the others!! Damn ME! My brain doesn't work as well on Monday mornings. I wish it was Christmas! I asked my parents for a bunch of movies. But I can't remember which ones cuz there were so many! lol. I LOVE movies!!!!! My dumb ass brother told me what he was getting me for Christmas! He tells me every year! I don't want him to!! Arrgh! He told me I'm getting the movie The Grinch. I should have put ear plugs in when he was telling me cuz now I wont be surprised.

I'm getting him the movie Castaway. It looks good. I've almost finished Christmas shopping for my family. Now all I need to do is buy for my mom. Which will be easy because she told me what she wants. David Usher CD. My sister is coming later this week and we're going Christmas shopping.

On Friday the teacher asked me if I had the movie Erin Brockovich. I told her "yeah" and she told me to bring it in! YAAAAAAAY!!! It's for my Law class, and it sort of has to do with Law right? So, I got it in my bag.

I wish I could go to sleep.

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