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2001-09-28 - 9:16 p.m.
Hi! Its been awhile since I updated. I have a cold, and it sucks! I have not been feeling all that well lately. Hmm...lets see whats been going on.

Karen called me last week and told me JUSTIN WAS COMING BACK TO SCHOOL!!! She said she saw him in the guidance office! I am so happy! But, I have not seen him in school. Maybe because I haven't been looking. I've been so busy. Co-op is REALLY fun!!

I like working at the library. Its so busy.

I found out that Ashley is smoking again! Grrrr! I am so mad at her! She totally lied to us! She told me she quit for good, but then Karen tells me that she saw Ashley standing out on Nelson. If I ever get a chance to talk to her, I'm gonna yell at her.

Another piece of interesting news, is that I found from Karen that Terra is pregnant! She's only 17! That makes me so mad that she would just throw her life away like that. I don't know what she's gonna do! Karen told me that Terra's parents are gonna pay for everything! That isn't right! It was her mistake, so she should be the one to take care of it! I don't think her boyfriend Robin is gonna stick around! He's a useless pig!! I think he's gonna split once the baby is born! Oh yeah, and did I mention, that Terra does drugs and drinks??

I'm just mad about a few things. I needed to blow off some steam. Tomorrow, mom and dad are going up to the cottage to close it up, and they're leaving me home all alone! Total freedom!! Well thats all for now. I'm tired. So i'll write again 2morrow.

Yay! I'm happy to report that my Peter Dante club on Yahoo now has 11 members! I'm so happy!

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