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2001-09-17 - 5:56 p.m.
Hi. I feel like crap! I have a bad cold! Yuck! My nose is all stuffed up and I have a cough! It's so weird, because I hardly EVER get sick!!!

Anyway, on Friday I started Co-op at the library! It's so fun!!!! I get to put books away, and help kids find books. I was a little slower today, I guess because of my cold. I kept dropping the books on the floor! lol!

Grr! I'm so mad though! I wanted to drop my 5th period Law class so I could stay at Co-op. So, I went to guidance and they said I couldn't! They said i needed to have one class with my Co-op! WHAT BULLSHIT!! I need ONE more freaking credit!! Co-op counts as TWO credits!

I am so out of it! HAHA! I lost my class today!! I went to my 5th period class today and nobody was in there!! So I walked around a bit, and then finally I told the principal that I couldn't find my class! So, she told me to go up to the library and look there! But they weren't there! So I came back downstairs and I was walking down the hall, and the principal is like "They're in here!" So I go in there and theres a presentation going on! Ahh!! I totally forgot about the police officer coming to give a presentation! I felt like such an idiot! I was late for class!

Anyway, on Saturday I watched a really cool Documentary movie called Same Guys New Dresses!! Its with The Kids in the Hall! My all time favorite comedy troupe!! It was highlights of their North American Reunion Tour they performed last year! It was so funny!!! I taped it and so far I've watched it 5 times!!

Oh! I forgot to mention that I'm on a diet!! Yeah, actually my whole family is on a diet. But, anyway. Guess how much weight I lost so far? 10 pounds!! I don't feel any different! My ass isn't shrinking! Or my stomach!

Yesterday, my mom bought the movie "Bedazzled" starring Brendan Fraser! (Mmmmm!) It's really funny!! Yeah, so thats all for now.


"Go to FUCKING sleep!!" - Scott on Same Guys New Dresses talking to his robot dog

"I heard that your brain stops growing when you start doing drugs. Let's see, I guess

that makes me 19." - Steven Tyler of Aerosmith

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