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2001-09-17 - 6:32 p.m.
Ok, I'm back. I'm really bored, so I thought I would just put my favorite quotes from movies and stuff.

"I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast."

"You eat pieces of shit for breakfast?!" - Happy Gilmore

"Why don't you take these CD's and shove them up your ass?"

"Becasue it would hurt a lot, Warren." - Empire Records

Cheerleaders are dancers who have gone retarded. - Bring it On

"Let it never be said that your anal retentive attention to detail never yielded positive results!"

"You can't be anal retentive if you don't have an anus." - Dogma

"We're in a band called the Barenaked Ladies. You might remember us from when you used to beat us up in high school" -Ed from Barenaked Ladies

I can't think of anymore! When I do, I'll post later!

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