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2001-08-13 - 10:59 a.m.
Well, I'm pretty bored. I know that I haven't written anything for a few days. Well, anyway. I saw Rush Hour 2 and it was really good! We left at 10:00 and we just walked around the mall. I thought we were going to the 2:05 show but I was wrong. We went to the 12:05 show instead. We ate lunch in the mall. We had A&W! Yum! I had a whistle dog! (a hotdog with bacon and cheese) It was pretty good! They put relish on it! Yuck! I ate it with the relish anyway, and you know what? Relish is pretty good! This is kinda funny. We got our tickets but we couldn't go in yet. So, my mom was like "I have to go to the bathroom, just wait at the table" I was like "Ok" So she went into the bathroom and as I was sitting, I looked over and there was this old guy with an earring and PURPLE NAIL POLISH! He was sitting right near me at the table over. He looked kinda freaky, so I got up and went into the bathroom to wait for my mom. Anyway, he saw the same show as US but he didn't sit near us.

No, we were stuck sitting in front of this incredibly FAT SMELLY woman and some old guy who I assume was her husband! It was so gross, cuz I heard the guy talking about going to the bathroom and how he wouldn't need to go again for the next few days. EWWW!

Anyway, I spent the weekend at my cottage. It was really hot! I went swimming, and the water was so warm! Mom and I went in the paddle boat! We also played badminton! Our dog Sheena is so retarded. Me, my mom, my brother and my dad were playing badminton. Sheena is old and kinda senile so she was wandering around. All of a sudden I hear this squeaking noise and I heard my mom yell "Sheena no!" I looked up and I saw that my dog had cornered a mouse! I was jumping at it! My dad had to go over get her away from it. Then he killed the mouse by stomping on it! MEANIE! Grrr!

Anyway, my weekend was great. We got home yesterday (Sunday) and we had Chinese food for supper! Yummy! I also talked to Melanie on MSN!

I watched Little Nicky again! HAHA! Its such an awesome movie!! Since I bought it, I have watched it about 20 times! I LOVE IT! There's an actor in the movie named Peter Dante who is really hot! I don't know, he's! Anyway, I created a Yahoo club about him! I have lots of pics! Its amazing! I've got a few members! The address for the club is

Wow! This is a long entry! Wait! One more thing! My brother is going to see American Pie 2 today! GRRR!! BYE!


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